BBQ sample Menu

Sit back and relax .... Let us Take the BBQ to you 

1. Flame grilled succulent beef burgers topped with red onion jam & mild mature cheddar

2. Barbequed butterfly supreme of chicken with BBQ sauce, sweet chili or soy spring onion & ginger

3. Seared 5 oz sirloin steaks brushed with rosemary garlic and black pepper butter

4. BBQ’d Cumberland sausage

5. Fresh Atlantic creamy seafood chowder

6. Baked potato, skinny fries and onion rings

7. Selection of Buns, Rolls and Breads (Waterford Bla’s)


Salads Inclusive salads are the following:

1. Creamy coleslaw salad with apple and raisin

2. Baby potato and spring onion salad

3. Mixed selection of leaves

4. Tomato and red onion salad


Please choose 2 of the following

A: Moroccan spiced cous cous salad

B: Chick pea and lentil salad

C: Rice salad with roast pimentos

D: Greek salad (feta cheese, olives, tomato, onion)

E: Heirloom tomato and pesto salad

BBQ sample Menu

BBQ sample Menu

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