Wedding Afters Menu

"Health to the men and may the women live forever!"

With that in mind, after some singing, dancing and a whole lot of fun, there is nothing better to round of the occasion with some delicious selection of our Wedding Afters menu.

Wedding Afters Menu

Option 1

  • Selection of freshly cut sandwiches (including meat,fish  and vegetarian)
  • Cocktail  sausages
  • Roast black &white pudding
  • Chicken goujons bites
  • Selection of homemade patisserie

Option 2

  • Selection of oriental  finger food and dips
  • Vegetable spring rolls and samosa
  • Fried shrimp
  • Selection of home patrisserie

Option 3

  • Selection of European and irish cheese
  • Cured meats selection
  • Pickled vegetables
  • Fresh fruits
  • Artisan breads

Option 4

  • Hot spicy chicken wings
  • Fresh seasonal vegetale crudités & dips
  • Bowels of home made chunky fries with tomato salsa

Option 5

  • Home made flat breads of your choice
  • Deep fried mozzarella balls served with house salad
  • Selection of homemade patrisserie

Option 6

  • Helvick fish & chip shop
  • Golden fried  Atlantic  white fish (seasonal ) tarter sauce ,home cut chunky chips
  • Selection of ice-cream

Option 7

  • Hot spicy chicken wings
  • Cocktail sausages
  • Vegetable spring roll
  • Fried shrimp
  • Home made chunky chips
  • Selection of sandwiches
Wedding Listed Menu

Wedding Listed Menu

Wedding Afters Menu

Wedding Afters Menu

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